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  • Breathe In The Light

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    This series of meditations take you through some powerful breathing exercises where you will begin to learn how to breathe light into your body in order to energize, uplift, and heal yourself. You'll also learn techniques to activate your heart and pineal gland.

  • Learn How To Connect To Source

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    Connect to that infinite divine energy that we all come from easily. This meditation will bring you into a sense of calm whilst filling you with beautiful Source energy. The more you practice, the more connected you become.
    Includes a short introduction audio.

  • Quick Activations Series // Embody Your Soul State

    9 videos  |   Buy $1

    Begin to embody the natural energy of your soul by bringing the divine into your chakra system. This set of audios will help you to really feel the energy that you are choosing to create. Each of these nine activations is approximately 7-10 minutes long and you can dip in whenever you need a quic...

  • Unwind Micro-Meditation Course

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    Five mini lessons to help you learn the simplest meditation techniques I have found. Each lesson is a couple of minutes long but with regular practice, you will see some amazing benefits. If you’ve ever struggled with learning to meditate – try this!

  • Meet Your Spirit Guides

    3 videos  |   Buy $1

    Welcome to this Meet Your Spirit Guides course. You can, if you like, work through each audio one by one for several days or simply choose one track that you are drawn to and stick with that for a while. You'll always get the information you need, so don't worry too much if you try to connect to ...

  • Feeling Good
    7 videos  |   Buy $1

    Feeling Good

    7 videos  |   Buy $1

    You deserve to feel good and that's why I've created this course for you - Feeling Good.
    I've taken the key principles from my experience as a therapist and combined them into this six week course. If you stick to the programme, you will feel better over time. They work, but you've got to stick w...

  • Ascension Vibration

    6 videos  |   Buy $1

    Hello and welcome to Ascension Vibration. My name is Natalie Louise Fox and I'm going to be guiding you towards those high vibrational states which we can activate within ourselves.
    In the most simplistic form, ascension is really about moving towards our soul and allowing this higher energy to e...


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    A Powerful Oneness Experience
    Have you ever experienced true oneness?

    I used to understand the concept of oneness but it wasn't until I started meditating daily that I ever felt it. But when I did, it was fleeting. I couldn't understand how our most natural state of all was so hard to locate. Ho...


    6 videos  |   Buy $1

    A channelled foundational program to help you reach the energy of Peace.
    The journey upwards is really a journey inwards and new energies and abilities that you activate must all be deeply rooted in peace. If not, often what happens is the process of development becomes difficult, distressing and...