Ascension Vibration

Ascension Vibration

Hello and welcome to Ascension Vibration. My name is Natalie Louise Fox and I'm going to be guiding you towards those high vibrational states which we can activate within ourselves.
In the most simplistic form, ascension is really about moving towards our soul and allowing this higher energy to express itself through you. The soul is love, is light and is a heightened form of consciousness and it wants to be fully embodied within you.
We are living at an amazing time in history. It really is a case of out with the old and in with the new. But what is the new?
We as a collective are moving away from fear, from lack, from separation into a space of love, of abundance of all things and into connection and divine expression of ourselves. Because we are divine. We are a part of God.
God is the highest vibration that there is.
But to move into this new time for humanity, we need to become that. We need to resonate at the highest vibration that there is. We need to operate from a place of love. We need to exist within the realms of the higher emotions. Because that's where all the good stuff is. Only then can we truly move away from those old, outdated things that do not serve us. Those things that cause pain, suffering and keep us in a state of fear.
The power is within us to change but we must do the work. It is not going to happen for us.
The more people that operate from this higher perspective, the more the collective consciousness, the god consciousness will expand out from each and every one of us so that we can become the highest level expression of our soul.
This course will teach you the tools you need to consciously raise your vibration and operate from the higher emotions. The more you do these techniques, the more this higher vibration will become dominant within you.
Each week, we will focus on a particular higher emotion, which holds a high-frequency which you can learn to attune to naturally.
Practice each lesson for seven days in a row and then at the end of the eight weeks, go back over any lessons that you want to develop further for another seven days.
Keep note of the changes you feel within your physical body, your energy and your thought processes. Keep note of any new, positive things coming into your life and celebrate them.

Ascension Vibration

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    Peace is the foundation emotion for ascending into the higher emotions and existing in a high-vibrational state. Without peace, we cannot move forward effectively.
    Moving into the energy of peace will create a solid base to build upon. We cannot expect to become genuine, unconditional love or joy...


    As we ascend we naturally become more confident. We know what's what. Because we are moving along our path of higher purpose, and when we are feeling the high vibrational emotions we are existing closer to the natural state of our soul, our soul expressing itself. And let's face it, you can't get...


    I'm Natalie Louise Fox and I'd like to welcome you to Week 2. Now gratitude is one of my favourite topics. It's interesting because it really is one of the main key ways that you can shift your vibration super, super quickly. I see gratitude as acting as an energetic gateway between negative emot...


    Welcome to Week 4 of the course. I'm Natalie Louise Fox and in this lesson we are going to be taking a look at happiness and a cultivating a sense of optimism.

    We all deserve to be happy, but what I've learnt along the way is that we get to be happy through a conscious choice to be happy, no mat...


    God is the highest vibration that there is. God is love but god is the highest form of consciousness expressing through the energy of love and other higher vibrations. As we move through our path of ascension we become more like God. We align more with the energy of God. We align more with the hi...


    While we are going through the process of ascension, we can experience some dark times. It can feel heavy. Its important to give yourself a break from taking things too seriously as too much time here can negatively affect your energy. Lighten things up by bringing through the energy of joy.
    Joy ...