Breathe In The Light

Breathe In The Light

This series of meditations take you through some powerful breathing exercises where you will begin to learn how to breathe light into your body in order to energize, uplift, and heal yourself. You'll also learn techniques to activate your heart and pineal gland.

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Breathe In The Light

5 Videos

  • Breathing In Light Meditation

    Get to feel the beautiful light and relax as you breathe it in with this very easy technique.

  • Breathing A Circle Of Light Meditation

    Breathe a circle of light into your body and feel energised with this powerful technique.

  • Breathing Light Into Your Body

    Breathe light into your physical and energetic body.

  • Heart Breathing

    In this meditation, I take you through some simple processes to bring the light into your Heart, the space behind your Heart and your Higher Heart - where we connect to the collective consciousness. We finish by moving energy through our heart in a torus shape to activate its innate intelligence.

  • Pineal Breathing

    Use this technique to activate your Pineal gland with light and allow it to emanate from you, utilising the powerful force of your Hara.