Feeling Good

Feeling Good

You deserve to feel good and that's why I've created this course for you - Feeling Good.
I've taken the key principles from my experience as a therapist and combined them into this six week course. If you stick to the programme, you will feel better over time. They work, but you've got to stick with it.
My name is Natalie Louise Fox and I'm going to take you on a journey towards feeling good, no matter where you are right now, by offering you my toolkit of techniques in this easy to follow audio course.
Each week we are going to teach our brain to move into a different way of operating. We are going to take control of our energy by using the breath and we are going to train our minds to block out unwanted thoughts and become hyper-focused on that amazing source of stillness within. We will end each session with a guided journey which will help put your brain into a state similar to REM sleep - which helps to clear any backlog of stress that you may be experiencing.
You can use this programme if you are experiencing stress and you want some practical techniques to use as a tonic, perhaps you're not sleeping well or you experience worry, fear, negative thinking. This is also a good program to use as you develop spiritually and expand into ascension, as sometimes the side effects of spiritual growth can be difficult as we move towards removing stuff and bringing new stuff in. You can use this programme as a grounding, balancing force to keep you in a positive mindset and control any worry or negative thinking that may be coming up for you.
So lets start to feel good!
I'll see you in week one's audio lesson.

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Feeling Good

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    Now I'd like you to lie down somewhere comfortable. Make sure you're warm enough as sometimes our body temperature drops when you relax deeply. Make sure you're not driving or doing anything that requires your attention. This is a special time, just for you and you alone to experience deep relaxa...


    Welcome to Feeling Good. I'm Natalie Louise Fox and this week we are going to start with some really easy techniques designed to get you feeling good. Listen to this session once a day for 7 days in a row and practice the tools I give you. After you have completed the exercises in this session, g...


    Welcome to Feeling Good, Week 2. Listen to this session for 7 days in a row and practice the techniques as often as you can. They are quite subtle, so you could practice breathing when you are stood in a queue or on your break at work for example. Keep going, the effects are cumulative and incred...


    I'm Natalie Louise Fox and I welcome you to Feeling Good Week 3. Practice this audio lesson every day for 7 days in a row and don't forget, for that extra stress-clearing boost, you need to listen to the separate guided hypnosis journey just before you go off to sleep at night, particularly if yo...


    Welcome to Week Four of Feeling Good! We've been working on lowering those stress chemicals over the last few weeks, so now I'd like to talk to you about raising those positive chemicals.
    As you know, positive thinking can actually change the way your brain is wired up and help to produce those h...


    Welcome back. I'm Natalie Louise Fox and I'm taking you on a six week journey to help you get to feeling good! Practice this lesson once a day for the next 7 days. Don't forget to use the guided hypnosis track
    I invite you to just sit for a minute and think about your personal connections. The p...


    Welcome to Week Six of Feeling Good. I'm Natalie Louise Fox and I'm going to guide you through this final lesson, which I'd like you to practice for 7 days in a row. By now you should be feeling better and be starting to notice lots of positive change. If you want to start this course again after...