Meet Your Spirit Guides

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Welcome to this Meet Your Spirit Guides course. You can, if you like, work through each audio one by one for several days or simply choose one track that you are drawn to and stick with that for a while. You'll always get the information you need, so don't worry too much if you try to connect to an angel guide but you get your higher self. Just relax and see it all as beautiful connection and loving information. These meditations are a platform for spirit to teach you and to facilitate a connection, however that appears.

Communicating with spirit is actually very easy, the difficulty lies in our expectations about what we want to happen. For example, to start with we may want to see our guide in great, HD colour and we may want them to give us highly specific information, but in reality we may just sense a feeling or see a colour, maybe hear a word. Don't let this put you off. Spirit teach and they will do with you what they want! Don't get frustrated because that will just block the connection.

Very often, I meditate to speak with a guide and I am after some information on something and they give me something completely random and unrelated. For example, I checked in the other day asking for something expecting to see my teacher guide and I actually saw the angel Sandalphon who told me about grounding techniques and tuning in to the strong love frequency that comes from deep within Gaia. I realised that I felt very disconnected from the energy within the earth and that was the perfect message for me at that time. Over the next few days I kept seeing signs about connecting to Gaia, which just really confirmed my connection.

When you connect with your guides, don't worry, don't be fearful and don't think that you might just be making it all up. You need to build faith and this will very often be the first thing you learn with them. As long as you are centred within the vibration of love, then you will attract positive, loving information and energy, because as we all know, you get back the vibe you give out. No harm will come to you if you ensure this. The minute you start worrying or doubting, you are actually projecting out a lower frequency.

Spirit guides often come from the same band of consciousness as us. They are a non-physical aspect of our stream of consciousness if you like, so that's why it feels like they really know you, know how you work and know what you need to do. They are just like us but without the physical aspect attached. So you know they have your best interest at heart. They are operating from a multidimensional consciousness, I guess that's a good way to explain it. The more you connect, the more you will expand your consciousness from this physical dimension into a multi-dimensional form. In fact, you are already multi-dimensional, it's just the physical world and the level of consciousness over the last couple of thousand years has not been available to open to this multi-dimensionality, but it has always been there and lots of individuals over history have been able to tap into this.

A good example is the ancient Egyptians, they had a multidimensional consciousness but that got lost over history and we have had a hard time deciphering what they were talking about because our consciousness in more recent times has been coming from a different place in most cases. I'm saying all this because if you can see your guides as being part of you, or your stream of consciousness instead of some mystical, elusive outside force, then you will have a much easier time.

So I really want you to enjoy this journey. Take it lightly, because it is light. Be open and don't get to hung up on the nitty-gritty minutiae of how and what you are supposed to be doing because this will block your intuition instead of strengthen it. Trust and learn from a place of love.

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Meet Your Spirit Guides

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